Amazon launches free triple-A game engine

Apparently, Amazon is now making a game engine. Wat?

The Verge reports:

The move is typical Amazon, bringing the company benefits at a number of different levels, and making third parties dependent on its services. Developers build a game for free using Lumberyard, and when they want to add support for multiplayer or other connected services, they buy the server time from Amazon. Then, if they want to make live streaming easier for their game, why wouldn’t they go with Twitch — the market leader and a service that’s built directly into the software they’re using.

This seems like a ton of work just to sell some EC2 server time.


I’ve honestly lost count on how many times I’ve tried to run a successful blog. At this point in my life it has to be close to a million times. Or four. Probably four.

I have no problems speaking in public. Give me an hour and a comically over-sized screen and I will impart all kinds of technical knowledge upon you. Ask to me write something down and post it on the internet and I’ll get all kinds of nervous.

This year I have a personal goal of being more involved in the development community. This includes speaking, maybe contributing to an open source project or two, and even blogging. I figure the best way to get over my fear of writing in public is to do it. A bunch.

Hold onto your butts. Here we go.