Notes for my talk: Practical Powershell for Developers

I’ve uploaded my notes for the talk.  There’ aren’t exactly in a great format.  It is more like a stream of consciousness.  However, if you dig through it, you’ll find some interesting gems.

Download Notes

Thanks again to everybody who came to my talk. I had an absolute blast with all of you!

Hey! I’m speaking again!

I’m speaking again at the Central Ohio .NET Developer’s group on April 25. I’ll be talking about MSMQ, one of my favorite topics.

Javascript. It’s always about Javascript

This is a great article about the recent forking of WebKit by Google.

… the two companies did a lot of things very differently. They used different JavaScript engines (JavaScriptCore [JSC] for Apple, V8 for Google). They adopted different approaches to handling multiple processes and sandboxing. They used different options when compiling the software, too, so their browsers actually had different HTML and CSS features.

The WebCore codebase had to accommodate all this complexity. JavaScript, for example, couldn’t be integrated too tightly with the code that handles the DOM (the standard API for manipulating HTML pages from JavaScript), because there was an intermediary layer to ensure that JSC and V8 could be swapped in and out.

Google said that the decision to fork was driven by engineering concerns and that forking would enable faster development by both sides. That work is already under way, and both teams are now preparing to rip all these unnecessary bits out.

This is scary thing about open source projects that become a sort of standard.

Things I Love: That Thing on my Dashboard

I listen to a lot of podcasts in the car, and from time to time I use that maps app. I used to just toss my iPhone onto my passenger seat like an animal. Now I use something much more civilized. I did a bit of lookin’ on the intarwebs, and found the iOttie One-Touch Windshield Washboard Car Mount Holder. It was perfect; not too expensive with good reviews. Those reviews are deserved, because it is pure awesome! Here is what the thing looks like:


It might not win any design awards, but it is functional as hell. It adjusts in a zillion ways, and the suction cup must use some sort of black hole technology to be able to stay on my dashboard as well as it does. To put your phone in, you use the magical “one touch mounting system.” Lookie here:


I imagine its adjustable enough to fit most phones, unless you have one of those horrible phablet things. So go get one.

MSMQ and You! Demo Resources

Here are my slides for my MSMQ and You! Demo.

The code from the demo is available on github.

Thanks for everybody who came!